Leading Sustainable Engineering Projects in 2022

Sustainable engineering projects give prospective engineers and designers a vision of what a more sustainable world could look like. Here are only a few of the world’s leading sustainable engineering projects.

One Angel Square

The breathtaking One Angel Square building in Manchester is a construction project and is a prime example of sustainable engineering. The building has a double-skin façade which helps the building cut back on energy consumption. It takes building design closer to zero carbon emissions.

Buro Happold and Waagner Biro designed this energy-saving powerhouse, and it also comes with a system that collects rainwater and recycles it for use inside the building. The building can recycle about 65% of rainwater.

3D-printed steel footbridge

Amsterdam has yet again shown that The Dutch people are masters of engineering. It recently opened the world’s first 3D-printed footbridge. The engineers have installed various sensors and monitoring equipment to gauge the quality and durability of the 3D printed material.

They will collect all the information they can on the success of the project to implement more projects like it in the future. This is to stem the use of traditional construction projects that produce about 70% more carbon emissions than 3D-printed projects during development.

One Central Park

This magnificent building is in Sydney, Australia. The urban environment has received numerous awards for sustainable design and energy efficiency. This garden-covered building is the tallest of its kind in the world.

The plants help to keep the building cool, reducing the need for air conditioning in the hot Australian summer months. The vertical garden is also equipped with an efficient water recycling system that recycles rainwater.

The Svart Hotel

This hotel is truly a marvel of engineering. The engineers and architects aimed to create the world’s most energy-efficient and sustainable hotel. The design uses solar energy and energy-saving methods to cut its energy usage by up to 85% compared to other hotels.

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