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Blackbourne Integrated ME is a platform for professionals in engineering and for individuals who are interested in sustainable engineering projects or a career in the industry. Get insights into the operations of building contractors, companies, energy solutions, and engineering services.

There is a lot of thought that goes into the design and construction of modern casino buildings. Historically, these buildings use a lot of energy during their operations, as things like lights and ventilation systems need to operate 24/7 in most cases. Learn about the basic steps and procedures that engineers and developers should follow when designing a casino.

Casino gaming technology has taken several leaps in engineering over the last few decades. The first slot machine functioned on a few mechanised principles, but modern slot machines and casino games are a feat of mechanical and electrical engineering. The modern slot machine uses random number generator software and a touch screen.

Electrical engineers are continuously devising new and more energy-efficient methods to help contractors to maintain the electrical systems and equipment in a building. Timers, sensors, and automated electrical systems can be used to monitor and gauge the energy usage in a building. Electrical systems can be used to cut back on energy consumption.

Mechanical engineers need to go through several years of studying and work-related experience before they can qualify as professional engineers. Engineers can specialise in many types of jobs that involve the design and manufacturing of electric and mechanical systems.

Mechanical engineers use their years of training and expertise to identify problems and find solutions that are both cost-effective and sustainable. Modern construction projects need to be done in a way that serves future generations. This means that there needs to be a greater emphasis on sustainable construction projects in the future.

Learn about a few ground-breaking engineering projects around the world and how they have been designed to be more energy efficient. One Central Park was designed for recycling rainwater. Users can contribute to this channel by following the latest articles and sharing information about innovative and sustainable engineering projects.